Developing and orchestrating a high-performance marketing campaign for AutoAgents, spanning 9 months across 3 platforms. Achieving over 1.000 leads in two distinct regions in Canada, while maintaining a Cost Per Lead (CPL) lower than the desired target.

Driving Success:

Empowering Automotive Lead Generation:

Client's Goal:

To acquire leads from individuals interested in selling their cars and strategically position AutoAgents in two distinct regions of Canada.


Our approach was initiated with comprehensive market and competitor research, providing valuable insights to drive strategic decision-making. Once the campaigns were launched, we consistently oversaw them, allowing us to optimize them in accordance with the client's goals. However, you may wonder what played a key role in our success.

The crucial aspect was the precise segregation of the campaign in terms of targeting and the strategic utilization of the audience from one platform to enhance the effectiveness of the others.

Ultimate Outcome:

With our strategic expertise and a proven track record of delivering impactful results, the campaign achieved exceptional outcomes, demonstrating our ability to drive success.

Campaign milestones revealed:

+ 1000



CTR Peak


More Budget

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