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How to effectively communicate with Generation Z?

Defining the target group is the foundation and the first step to creating a properly functioning communication on the organization-consumer line, but also an essential part of employer branding. Accurate and effective communications targeting specific groups should start with identifying their needs, motivations, and places where they like to hang out and seek entertainment. Delving into your audience’s characteristics will allow you to create engaging content and target it so that it is more likely to reach your brand’s desired target groups.

This time, we will focus on the specifics of Generation Z, which still remains the most dynamic and mysterious generation in terms of accompanying trends. Individuals from this generation were born after 1995. However, given the broad spectrum of publications on “zetas,” this boundary often shifts depending on the source.

This generation is also called “Generation C,” which perfectly reflects its character, as it is a reference to the words: connected, computerized, community-oriented, and constantly clicking. It shows the technological aspect, which enables representatives of this generation to be in constant contact with their surroundings and to be up-to-date with all the information appearing online.

It’s no secret that those born after ’95 are the first generation to grow up in the era of full access to technology — this dramatically impacts their characteristics as employees and as consumers of content. Constant access to new technologies allows Generation Z quick access to knowledge and, consequently, provides almost endless opportunities to develop skills even more effectively from an early age.

For the employer’s interest, this generation is looking for a place that allows them to discover themselves and pursue their passions. The motivating factors for taking a job at any company are a friendly, accepting and partnered atmosphere and a flexible approach to their duties. The most attractive attributes of an employer in the eyes of Generation Z are the salary and the ability to adjust their work schedule to their daily responsibilities. It is also important to note that the need for working hours flexibility has become even stronger with the pandemic and in the post-pandemic period 1. The aspect of flexible work schedules is also crucial to the decision to stay in a particular place. Another element influencing the positive experience of “zetas” with the employer brand is liking their co-workers and boss while feeling authentic, respected and appreciated.

Given the above, it is worth emphasizing these issues in employer brand communications to attract valuable candidates. Employers focused on communicating with Generation Z should pay special attention to the professionalism of published content, subtlety, and transparency — this generation is particularly attuned to authentic content. The promises communicated by employer brands must be reflected in reality.

When it comes to consuming marketing and product content, innovative brands that are consumer-oriented, take an individual and flexible approach to their audience’s needs, while being transparent and authentic, prove to be of most interest to Generation Z. Generation Z relies on content that is personalized, but also delivered as quickly as possible — these are the aspects that determine the choice of a particular brand or product. Traditional methods of communication and shopping — which worked successfully for older generations — are no longer an asset for Generation Z. An additional aspect, appreciated by the youngest generations, is that brands undertake social initiatives, care for the environment, while ensuring high quality and speed of delivery. These elements are also gaining in value due to the increasing awareness of societies regarding ecology, environmental change and responsible production.

Representatives of Generation Z rely even more than their predecessors on the consumption of video content, as it represents for them an easy but also fast medium that can accompany them almost at any moment of their daily life. Placing a premium on flexibility, Generation Z most often opts for online TV and streaming, which allow them to watch their favorite content and series at any time they choose, without having to adjust their day to the time of broadcast.

Targeting social media platforms — Generation Z women are most likely to consume content on platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok and WeChat (China, 2). For men, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and WeChat (China) are among the favorite social media platforms. Careful analysis of the places where the target group resides will allow not only to reach its representatives, but also to effectively prepare marketing communications that will arouse users’ interest in their content. Attention should not miss the fact that a particularly important position among the content consumed by Generation Z is occupied by the TikTok platform. The main audience of this platform is 18–24 year olds, and the majority (as much as 25%) of the service’s users are women from the indicated target group. An additional advantage of the platform is the very high time spent by users on the platform. The average monthly time spent on TikTok is as high as 25.7 hours per user 3. Engagement on the platform has been on an upward trend for years, which could become an incredible plus, considering the needs of advertisers and brands targeting communications to representatives of this generation. Social media is also the most preferred channel, used as the first source of information about brands — it is chosen by more than 49.6% of users in the 16–24 age group 4, while in the case of other sources, it is worth noting the decisive share of Generation Z among Spotify platform users, where 18–24 year olds account for as much as 26% of subscribers 5. It is estimated that “zetas” listen to the content shared there for about 148 minutes each day.

Returning to video, from the perspective of Generation Z, this format is steadily gaining in value, and the generation itself has the largest share of any generation that consumes this type of content 6. In communicating to the “zetas,” it is therefore worth including not only content based on static formats, but also animated and video forms, as well as localization of ads on platforms such as YouTube, which will allow you to precisely reach the desired target group.

For both Generation Z and Generation X representatives, the entertainment that definitely attracts a wide range of admirers is gaming. Among the 5 locations surveyed (US, UK, Germany, Brazil and Japan), more than 90% of Gen Z consumers in the sample said they gamble 7. It’s worth noting that gaming is one of those areas that has been steadily experiencing an upward trend in recent years; representatives of all generations are engaging in it. Going deeper into the motivations that make consumers increasingly turn to games, often mentioned is their networking nature, as well as the opportunity to build relationships with friends or helping them get through a difficult time in their lives. The ever-growing field of gaming is a great field for creative and personalized advertising messages.

Betting on authenticity and transparency, which are extremely important for representatives of Generation Z, it is also worth considering the rapidly developing area of influencer marketing. In recent years, influencers have become, in a way, experts who have a significant impact on the communities gathered around the channels they run. The demographic group that consumes influencer content most often includes women aged 16–24. When working with creators, we should remember to properly select channels depending on the needs of our target group, but also to choose those who focus on authentic and sincere communication and understand the specifics of a given product or service.

When creating a communication structure aiming Generation Z, remember the key aspects that motivate this generation to act. Focusing on values such as independence, openness, health or psychological well-being can attract and engage Generation Z for longer. It is also worth ensuring that communications directed to the “zetas” are as personalized as possible, focused on creating a unique bond with the recipient. At the same time, it is important to allow them some freedom and not create pressure, appearing in the case of traditional generic ads or formats, which are impossible to ignore. In summary, the communication made for Generation Z should be creative, unique and dynamic.



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